NYU Shanghai Model United Nations Conference
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Welcome from Secretary General

Honorable MUN Directors, Esteemed Faculty Advisors, and Distinguished Delegates,

The second annual session of New York University Shanghai Model United Nations (NYUSHMUNC) will be held on November 2nd to 4th, 2018 in NYU Shanghai campus on Century Avenue in the heart of Pudong, Shanghai’s financial hub. As a recently established conference, I hope to not only expand NYUSHMUNC in terms of size but also elevate the quality of debate. In the environment of NYU Shanghai, delegates participating this conference will get the chance to discuss urgent global issues, communicate with other delegates from different backgrounds, and experience what can be achieved through diplomacy.

The location of NYUSHMUNC’18, Shanghai, is an interesting city itself. Shanghai not only is one of the world’s largest cities with a population of just under 25 million people but also one of the busiest financial cities in the world. What is probably the most fascinating aspect of Shanghai is the extremely fast rate of change. The comparison between Shanghai a decade ago and Shanghai right now is astonishing. In order to have such fast pace growth and development, elite critical thinking, communicating, collaborating, and researching skills are necessary. NYUSHMUNC’18 hopes to identify those talents through the channel of Model United Nations and assist promising high school students to further pursue their passion in helping the world.

NYUSHMUNC’17 was a truly unique and global experience for those who were involved last year. I hope NYUSHMUNC’18 could not only continue the success of NYUSHMUNC’17 but also build upon the foundations that previous students have established. The United Nations Academic Impact also published an article written by one of the Secretariat team members from last year’s conference about NYUSHMUNC’17. I hope to continue this tradition of producing high quality conferences for excellent delegates to participate. I look forward to seeing all the delegates in November.



Justin Wang 王子修

Secretary General