Secretariat Team

Secretary General


Hello! My name is Justin Wang and I am very thrilled to be serving as your Secretary General for NYUSHMUNC’18.

I was born in Philadelphia, USA but was raised in Taiwan. I will be a sophomore who is majoring in Business and Marketing and minoring in Education and Social Science when this conference takes place. This conference will also mark as my 12th Model United Nations Conference. Personally, I love politics, international relations, geography, and debating. While MUN possesses all of the characteristics above, I believe that the most important value of it is cooperation. Just like in the real world, cooperation is key to everything. To me, MUN is not just a club event but an interest.

I hope everyone has a great time and gains a lot of experience from this conference!

Under Secretary General


Hello, my name is Isaac Schlager and I am excited to be NYUSHMUNC’s 2018 Under-Secretary General!

I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United States and a rising Sophomore at NYU Shanghai majoring in Social Science with a focus in International Relations. I have attended multiple MUN conferences in the United States and abroad, most recently being 2017’s THIMUN in the Hague and chairing at NYU Shanghai’s 2017 MUN conference.

I am looking forward to seeing you all and being a part of this spectacular conference!

Under Secretary General


Hey everyone! My name is Anna Skarpalezou and I am thrilled to be serving as the 2018 NYUSHMUNC’s Under-Secretary General.

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, having moved to Shanghai a few months ago. I am a rising sophomore here at NYU Shanghai, majoring in Business and Finance with a minor in Chinese and Computer Science. I have attended numerous conferences in Europe, collecting several awards along the way. MUN, for me, has been an incredible opportunity to connect with likeminded students and explore contemporary issues of international importance in depth. I strongly believe that hearing voices from across the globe helps challenge one’s assumptions and shape their worldview.

The NYUSH secretariat team and I are looking forward to creating an innovative conference which we hope to be an enriching, thought-provoking and enjoyable experience!

Chief of Staff


Hello everyone! My name is Timur Kurbanov and I am the Chief of Staff for the NYU Shanghai MUN Conference 2018.

I am currently a rising sophomore at NYU Shanghai, intending to major in Business & Finance. Four years ago I participated in my first MUN Conference at Princeton University and since then continued my passion for Politics and Debate. Along with Tyler Wilson, I had the opportunity to Chair the FinTech Committee, one of my very first Chairing opportunities! Our team is putting in a lot of effort this year, in order to make our upcoming MUN an unforgettable experience.

I hope to welcome you soon to Shanghai!

Director General


Hello everyone!

My name is Tyler Wilson and I am a rising sophomore here at NYUSH planning to major in Economics with a minor in social science. I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and am very excited to serve as the Director General for NYUSH’s 2018 MUN Conference. I have been deeply involved with politics and debate throughout high school, and this passion has carried into my college experience. In the last NYUSH conference I had the opportunity to chair on the FinTech committee, and I cannot wait to witness the ambitious and exciting topics that are going to be tackled this year. MUN is great way to challenge yourself and discover more about the world, its problems, and its resolutions.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Deputy Director General


Hi! My name is Robert Zhu.

I am the Deputy Director General of NYUSHMUNC’18. I am a rising sophomore, majoring in Data Science and Economics. Born and bred in Shanghai, I am more than pleased to welcome you to my home.

own for this amazing conference. I started MUN four years ago, and since then I have participated in over ten conferences, home and aboard, as delegates, chairs, and secretariat members.

It would be to my greatest pleasure to offer support to you the delegates and make your experience here a memorable one!