Step One:

Submit Registration Interest Form to

Click here for the Individual Form

Click here for the Group Form

Step Two:

After confirmation from NYUSHMUNC’18, each school has 2 weeks to complete the payment process (650 RMB per delegate)

1. Wechat Pay, Alipay, and Unionpay


          b) For the memo section, please write “NYUSHMUNC’18 (NAME OF INSTITUTION_NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS)”


2. Other Payment Methods

a) Fill out ICBC RMB Basic Account #9327, which will be sent to each respective schools with the confirmation of Registration Interest Form

3. Please be aware that there will be NO refunds after the payment process

Step Three:

 Submit Delegate Information before 9/30/2018

           a) Details of Delegation Information process will be updated once the NYUSHMUNC’18 team confirms the payment process