Conference Theme


The theme for NYU Shanghai’s 2018 conference is Transnationalism and how interconnectivity between nations fosters growth and prosperity. This term came to light in the early 20th century while economic, political, and social boundaries between nations were becoming increasingly smaller. Institutions, like the United Nations, helped foster important relations between nations all around the world. The concept of Transnationalism involves the linking of institutions and states across their national borders and today, with our globalized society, this theme cannot be more prevalent. Economically, transnationalism is credited for many of the items that we take for granted, such as our cell phones, which are created from parts manufactured and assembled in several different nations. Culturally, Transnationalism flourishes as access to travel has allowed for increased migration across the globe. Politically, transnationalism defines institutions as large and significant as the United Nations. This theme will surface in each of our assemblies and in this conference, you all will have the ability to use it and accomplish great things!