About Us

About the NYU Shanghai Model UN Conference

The NYU Shanghai Model United Nations Conference (NYUSHMUNC) strives to be one of the world’s most international and influential MUN conferences. Shanghai, a city renowned for its globalization and opportunity, is one of the largest financial centers in Asia, and NYU Shanghai is at the center of it all. With students from more than 60 countries and many Chinese provinces, NYU Shanghai is the ideal school to host such an international event.

For our maiden conference, students will be invited to NYU Shanghai’s campus to discuss the world’s most pressing issues. Participants will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and debate with peers from across the globe and around China. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to learn about career opportunities from both guest lecturers and visiting businesses.


This conference will be hosted on the NYU Shanghai campus from November 4th and 5th, 2017. During this time, students from home and abroad will meet to discuss global events, search for solutions for the world’s biggest problems, and forge friendships through debate. We will be inviting many guests from consulates, embassies, government agencies, and other relevant fields to speak at the conference. Both the students and speakers will gain first-hand experience on what makes NYU Shanghai, an American university in China, so unique.

Organizing Team

NYUSHMUNC is being organized entirely by qualified  NYU Shanghai students from a wide variety of backgrounds. These students come from countries all across the globe, including India, China, the United States, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. As NYUSHMUNC is an international conference, it is truly fitting that the event is organized by such a diverse group, as each student has a unique set of experiences and resources to draw upon. This hard working team will instill the conference with the unique international and cosmopolitan spirit that NYU Shanghai embodies.

Theme and Structure

The theme of this year’s  conference is China’s Global Emergence. We will be inviting international and Chinese students to discuss China’s growth in the global platform as well as its role in the world today. China has emerged into the international arena, taking a larger role in contemporary global issues than ever before. We will encourage students to discuss and debate China’s rising financial, political, and technological authority in the world.

Specific committees will be integrating the themes of science and technology, economic development, business, and finance within the context of the theme.

Sponsors will have the unique opportunity to work with NYUSHMUNC in planning a committee theme of their choice, thus encouraging students to discuss some of the most pertinent and interesting issues in their industry.