Eligibility criteria for schools/individuals to apply for NYUSHMUNC ‘17 are as follows:

  • Previous MUN experience
  • Must be fully proficient in English


NYUSHMUNC ‘17 aims to promote productive dialogue between delegates by selecting credible Chairs and establishing a rigorous selection process for delegates. These reflect our aim to make this conference a pinnacle of strategic international diplomacy through which all participants can capitalize. The conference Organizing Team is working hard to ensure high standards of debate, while Chairs will moderate the direction of arguments within each committee.  Our goal with this conference is to promote the agenda on which the UN functions: reaching solutions through diplomacy.

Taking note of the fact that the core mission of NYUSHMUNC’17 is to promote dialogue and mutual efforts to tackle global issues, we expect delegates to exhibit positive diplomacy. Delegates are required to contribute to the progress of the committee towards solution seeking at all times, as well as properly follow and respect the standard UN rules for debate, diplomacy, and active dialogue.

Committee Chairs are expected to closely observe the diplomatic and leadership skills exhibited by each delegate and guide all delegates towards constructive debate. A leadership role in this context is defined as delegates who successfully manage to direct the committee in a way they think is most effective, and is judged by the initiative and substance of all speeches and documents the delegate is involved in.


Delegate applications for NYUSHMUNC ‘17 open on December 9, 2016 and can be found on the NYUSHMUNC website.

Applications from local Chinese universities must apply as members of a school delegation. Only delegates from non-Chinese universities are allowed to apply as a single or individual delegate. There will also be a separate application supplement for those wishing to apply for Security Council. It is the responsibility of the head delegate of each school delegation or the individual applying to NYUSHMUNC ‘17 to ensure that all steps of the application process are completed properly.

For any questions or concerns about delegate applications, please email


The NYUSHMUN team will provide each delegate with a background guide for their committee, but that is not the end-all-be-all for delegate information. Rather, there is a wealth of information to be had regarding the UN and the particular roles delegates are assigned. Listed below are several sources that will help delegates in their preparation for NYUSHMUNC.

The United Nations The United Nations website provides a wonderful primer on all UN procedures and affairs
The New Zealand UN Handbook An incredibly valuable reference guide ensuring that UN dealing operate under the proper procedures
UN PGA Handbook An in-depth, practical guide to understanding the workings of the UN.
United Nations Bibliographic Information System Compiles all publically available UN documents.
UN Research Guide and Resources Online Library allowing easy access to documents around the world