Frequently Asked Questions

1. What participants are being invited to NYUSHMUNC?
2. How is NYUSHMUNC different from NYUMUNC?
3. Where is the conference hosted?
4. Who is eligible to apply for the conference?
5. When can I begin applying for NYUSHMUNC ‘17?
6. What happens after I submit my delegate application?
7. Do delegates choose their own committees or will they placed into one?
8. Do I have to pay to attend NYUSHMUNC ‘17?
9. Are there scholarships if I cannot afford the conference fees?
10. Can I attend the conference as a single delegate or must I be part of a larger delegation?
11. I have never participated in an MUN conference before, can I still apply?
12. Are teachers and faculty allowed to attend NYUSHMUNC ‘17?
13. Do I need a Chinese visa to attend this conference?
14. What vaccinations do I need before attending NYUSHMUNC ‘17?
15. Where will I stay during NYUSHMUNC ‘17?
16. How do I get to the NYU Shanghai campus?
17. Will I receive a certificate for attending this conference?