Shanghai (上海), one of the most dynamic cities in China, is an international metropolis and a global financial center.

Divided into Pudong(浦东)and Puxi(浦西)by the HuangPu River, Shanghai is a beautiful mesh of French colonial and ancient and modern Chinese architecture that has been remarkably preserved with modern architecture marked by one of the most beautiful skylines in the world.

Pudong refers to district that lies East (东: Dong) of the HuangPu River. It is home to the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Many of Shanghai’s best known buildings stand tall in the Pudong District, such as Oriental Pearl Tower, The Jin Mao Tower, The Shanghai World Financial Tower, and The Shanghai Tower; these buildings form the famous skyline of Shanghai. Other attractions in the Pudong area include Shanghai Expo, Century Park, and Shanghai Disney Resort among several others.

Puxi, on the other hand, refers to area West (西: West) of the HuangPu River. While the historic center of Shanghai fades in front of the breathtaking and modern architecture of Pudong, Puxi remains the cultural and entertainment hub of Shanghai. Famous attractions include the Bund, the Former French Concession, Shanghai Grand Theatre, YuYuan Gardens, and major shopping centers of Shanghai such as East Nanjing Pedestrian Road and Central Huaihai Road.

Shanghai, with its diverse array of attractions, can be quite intimidating for those coming to the city for the first time. To help the delegates make the most of their time and best of their experience in cosmopolitan city, the NYUSHMUNC Events team will be sending out weekly newsletters to incoming participants in the weeks following up the conference. These newsletters will contain tourism and travelling tips for Shanghai and greater China, as well as tips on how to experience the city as a local and how to fully immerse in the various cultures present in China.

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